September 2nd, 2006

Sunday, September 3

"Quotes": Two.

Panel 1: Hey, it's "Too #$%@ing Loud!" Duncan still looks like a woman; sorry, but he does. And how is all this noise being created when April is playing an acoustic guitar, and Luis is on a regular piano, not an electronic keyboard?

Panel 2: So Eva's not too proud to rock that tambourine. Good for her, I guess.

Panel 3: Why doesn't Edgar LEAVE the room, if this bothers him so much?

Panel 4: Can't quite read John's expression. Is he neutral, enjoying the music, ogling April an' Eva, lost in thought about trains?

Panel 5: Well, he's spectating, not cursing, so he must appreciate something about this.

Panel 6: Whoa! A genuine slang expression! Not a cutting-edge one, but at least one that's in current use! And Duncan. Is. A woman.

Panel 7: Okay, so that's not going over so well. Probably it's a matter of, if it doesn't #$%@ off the parents, it has to change.

Panel 8: Bingo. And check Duncan's protective stance re: Eva.

Panel 9: That doesn't quite work, though. I mean, I get it that she transposed John's use of "pop culture" into "pop" thinks it's "culture", but "culture", by itself, without the "pop" subcategory, usually means stuff like opera or Masterpiece Theater. So does she think John was saying their music is highbrow and thought-provoking? Actually, what's the difference. The point is, you have to be more hardcore than your parents can tolerate. (As if this bunch even knows from hardcore.)