September 1st, 2006

Saturday, September 2

"An'"s: Two. (And one yesterday that I forgot to make note of.)

Panel 1: Well, wow! Someone's actually asking April's opinion! Let's see how this goes. Meanwhile, the colorists are really asleep at the switch: they forgot to color in April's jeans.

Panel 2: I think that calls for a response, John. Don't just stand there looking nauseated because April's eating cereal out of the box. Reassure her; tell her that she's not going to be kicked to the curb or bossed around.

Panel 3: Okay, so it does work both ways. But, and I'm not just applying my own experience here, I think an adult child, especially one who's moving back because she wants to, not because she has no other options, is obligated to conduct herself as a polite guest. If you wouldn't do it to your friend's kid, don't do it to your parents' kid. That said, "weird" is not the word that comes to mind. And I'll say again that it just might end up being a case of Liz being "bugged" by April simply because she's acting like a teenager, which she is, and if Liz can't deal with sharing a house with a teenager, well...

Panel 4: There, she's set it on the table. And it's a valid concern. Since John will no doubt think a pun instead of expanding, aloud, on "I see," I'll just wonder why April is suddenly so much shorter than he is (was she standing on a chair to reach the Choklit Oaties? and I see now that they're cookies, not cereal) and question the punctuation in that last sentence. Why a dash before "like" and an ellipsis afterwards, and why break up the sentence at all?

Panel 5: Bingo. Hey, John, while you're chewing your cud, why don't you chew on this. You could save yourself so much grief if you'd speak up once in a while. You could have started when Elly nyah-nyahed you while poking you in the stomach. But then, you could have started years ago, so I guess it's too late now. He has no power, not even to reassure April.

And who would ever make a connection between "dynamics" and "dynamite"? I was going to say that April using the term "family dynamics" is not as unrealistic as it would have been twenty, or even ten, years ago, since nowadays many people know and use those Oprah buzzwords. Now I feel conned that April's insight was only a device to set up yet. another. manufactured. pun.

Also, in panel 3, April's fingers appear to sprout directly from her edema-stricken arm. Before panel 4, though, she had the fluid drained so she could do the everlasting palm-to-chest-mouth-agape pose.