August 31st, 2006

Friday, September 1

Panel 1: Yeah, man! How would Eva know if it would be bad or not?

Panel 2: Well, in a way, you really don't have a mom; not one who gives a crap about you. But yeah, Liz better not start that. She's the last one to criticize the state of anyone's room OR life.

Panel 3: April suddenly looks very old. And why should she think positive? Why should she passively accept this? As I said earlier, she'd better assert herself right off the bat, or her life will be a living hell. If being a pain in Liz's ass is what it takes to get the white goose to fly the nest, then so be it. And I just know this "best thing" will have to do with borrowing clothes...

Panel 4: Okay, close enough. Still, this sucks, and I hate that it's being presented as something that April just has to suck it up and deal with.

ETA: Okay, since mst3k4ever brought it up, I have to admit my bias. I've talked about my 17-years-older sister on here before, but to recap, or sum up if you haven't read it before, when she visited, it was not pleasant. My mom ceased to be a mom to me, and she and my sister alternately pushed me around, screamed at me, were rude and insulting, or just plain ignored me. So I can't be objective here.

Now, as far as Liz and April, that is a complex relationship. When April was under 10 and Liz was living at home, April was a very entitled little brat, who John blatantly favored, and Liz got the short end of the stick quite a lot. But then April was devastated when Liz went to uni. However, April did continue her already-established pattern of messing with Liz's stuff and blabbing all her personal business for many years. So in a way, this might be April's chickens coming home to roost. That said, Liz IS an adult, and just because she's in a position to turn the tables, doesn't mean she HAS to.