August 30th, 2006

Thursday, August 31

Panel 1: Oh, lord, here it comes. See Shiimsa trying to get Liz's attention: "No, no! Don't take me to the House of the Big Nose and the Engineer!" But see the begging expression on Liz's face? You see, she's got NO other options. None. She even looks like a teenager. I like the curly ends of the ponytail, although that, too, is Barbie-ish.

Panel 2: Well, at least it's the guest bedroom. And I suppose only a really heartless witch would bar her doors against a child in need. But Liz is not in need -- she's just a wimp! And check the Smug, Closed-Eye Patterson Look on Elly. That's the same way she looked when she was Super!Grandma after Robin was born, telling Mike and Dee "I'm going to set up on your couch for the next three days." Can you imagine how Mira Sobinski would be excoriated if she did either of these things?

Panel 3: Yeah, I figured this was part of Elly's agenda. I mean, jeez, if they moved to the Tiny Train House, Liz would be forced to be independent! (I count marrying/moving in with Granthony as independent; at least it wouldn't be crawling back into the womb, like she's doing now.) And Elly, while you're poking John's belly, you really should not be emphasizing your own.

Panel 4: I feel your pain buddy; I really do.