August 29th, 2006

Wednesday, August 30

Panel 1: Huh? Why do we need April and Elly's take on this? Why does April look so plaintive? Does she want Liz to move back in, or is she dreading the possibility? Wonder who drew her today. Her right arm looks mutated, and her hips are bigger than Elly's have ever been, but I like the tiny little waist! A womanly figure for once! And what is Elly sewing? Is this another retirement project? We often saw her mending stuff in the early days, when she had active kids who tore their clothes a lot. But nowadays, I can only see her being like Kay, in Godfather II, sewing endless seams in an otherwise silent house in a snowbound compound.

Panel 2: Yeah! You go, forgotten creature! Don't let them push you around! And keep rockin' that corset top! And Elly, you might want to start doing those neck exercises again. That said, I'm confused about the room configuration: I thought April and Liz had separate rooms for years, and Liz's room is now a shrine, but I'll let Howard sort that out. Point is, April painted the damn room and bought furniture for it, so it damn well is hers.

Panel 3: Argh! She HAS a place of her own! And before that, she had one (sort of) UP NORTH, where she could have STAYED. But we know all this is academic anyway. "Place of her own" = Anthony's house.

Panel 4: You are very wise, April! But Elly's got her back turned to you, which means "Forget it, kid."

Panel 5: Woo! I'm stunned by April's freakishly small hands and nonexistent neck, but as long as she can assert herself, I don't care if she has three eyes!