August 28th, 2006

Tuesday, August 29

Panel 1: So she sends Paul an email. Well, to be fair, I don't know what kind of a system they have set up. If you believe the retcons, they talk on the phone nightly, but that seems odd, since a cop can't keep to a strict schedule. It's not ridiculous for strip-Liz to be in the habit of sending emails on account of she doesn't know when she'll be able to get Paul on the phone. But what resonates with me is that she doesn't seem particularly eager to hear his voice.

As for the email itself. When is she sending it? Has she had the interview already, and signed a contract, so she can safely say "I HAVE a job"? She's changed into what seem to be interview clothes, so that's likely. But in that case, it reduces Paul to the status of "friend up north": she tells him stuff when she gets around to it. OTOH, Shiimsa is eating out of the saucepan. That could mean that Liz left it out all night (echhhh) and she's about to leave for the interview. I'm not about to get into a debate about whether or not it's sanitary for a cat to nibble from people dishes, but I will say that food that's been out all night is probably not good for the cat.

And lo and behold, the school is close to where she grew up: she even measured the odd distance of 16 miles. Great! Wouldn't want Liz to have to travel far afield; it might give her the vapors. But doesn't this put her even further from where Paul is? Not that it matters, of course: the place is probably right next door to Gordo's MegaEmporium, and that's what matters.

Panel 2: Okay, she's had the interview, where she and some guy exchanged long protein strings. Or did swing dancing. The woman standing behind the desk looks bewildered, as if she's thinking, "Barbie's applying for a teaching job? I thought she was a stewardess!" And I don't care how desperate they are: I still don't see how Jesse's Girl is the most qualified applicant.

Panel 3: Still looks like Barbie, right down to the shoes. I don't see "stacks of material", but then it takes very little to overwhelm Liz. And ooh, she can see Paul on the holidays! Except, not, because then she'll remember that she flew south so she could spend holidays with her family. I hope Paul is bathing in a mountain stream with Chipper right now.

Panel 4: (I actually put "Paul 4!) Okay, gross. Bad face. She looks like that British actress Emily Lloyd, except Lloyd had verve and sex appeal that transcended her doughy features. Anyway, CHRISTMAS?! She's sloughing Paul off till then?! I don't know what I wish for more: for Paul to stammer through an explanation of why it wouldn't be a good idea for her to visit right now (while whispering, "Not now, Chipper; she can hear you!") or for it to be like Adrianne posited earlier: he calls and Anthony answers, so Liz looks like the brat she is. I'm leaning towards the former, because I want Liz to hurt, but Adrianne has a point that Liz being the "victim" absolves her of all responsibility.