August 27th, 2006

Monday, August 28

Panel 1: Thank freakin' god! It wouldn't have made sense to focus on anyone but Liz this week, but that didn't guarantee anything. So hallelujah!

And of course, an interview guarantees a job. And how old is she, anyway? "Really?!! You want to interview little ol' ME?" Be cool, Liz. Pretend you're on a date.

Panel 2: Lady, I just said, interview != job! Look at Shiimsa, scurrying away so as not to get trampled. Is Liz wearing some new trendy pants that tie in the back? Pajama pants on backwards?

Panel 3: Oh, so I guess the definition of "interview" is "go over the specifics of the job, sign the contract, and show her the classroom and her parking space." That's not unheard of. Still, wouldn't it be delightful if it was like the Roseanne episode where she was hired as a secretary, then had the offer withdrawn because she couldn't use a computer? I didn't like it when it happened to Roseanne (she really should have lied, then bought a copy of Computers for Dummies, asked a friend with a computer for a crash course, SOMETHING) but if it turns out Liz is jumping the gun, then she'll have to marry Granthony, or maybe Paul, and that song and dance will be OVER WITH.

Panel 4: Oh, so Liz is a last resort. Or rather, the heavens opened and a job was created for a Patterson. Love the bachelorette chow, incidentally. Put it in a bowl, you slob! And is that a can of BEER on the table?

Panel 5: Uh...yeah. Isn't it wonderful that things always work out for you due to circumstance and the misfortunes of others. I can't wait (not) to see the blinking in this panel. For a second, I thought she was spewing the mac 'n' cheese out of her mouth, instead of forking it in. FYI, Liz, it's rude to eat when you're on the phone. Of course, if Elly was in the room with you, so she could see you chewing with your mouth open, I wouldn't complain, because then she'd have a stroke.