August 25th, 2006

Saturday, August 26

Panel 1: Well, thank heavens it's over! But when was she ever homesick? She sure didn't sound it in that terrible-information email.

Panel 2: Amazing and awesome. ::pulls hair out::

Panel 3: Omigod! That's it! April could be a vet! I did not see that coming! Seriously, the Yahoo! group is probably melting into a puddle of goo right now. They were predicting it last week like they'd figured out the ending to "The Others".

Panel 4: Yeah, that's ALL.

Panel 5: Oh lord. Well, forget being a vet then. It takes ambition, and we all know how wrong ambition is.


Meanwhile, I want to share something personal. I'm worried that I might be as bad as Mike. For the past few days, I've been working on a story, and I was hoping that I might get it nailed down tonight. At 7:59, Cookie Monster said, "Hey, "Crash" comes on at 8! Wanna watch!" And when I said "Oh, Monster, I can't...I'm writing," he got rather frustrated.

The thing is, I'm not a paid writer (yet). This is just a story that I feel I have to write, to get out of my system, and it's anyone's guess if I can ever get it published. So I don't have Mike's excuse that I'm paying for the rent or groceries or whatever his work takes care of. And this is the second time I've declined to watch "Crash". In my defense, though, he did ask me at literally the last minute. And I did watch "Cinderella Man" with him last night, with an hour's advance notice. And I do want to see "Crash", but since I'm aware that it will upset me, and I'll probably want to be able to pause it if I have to, I think what I'll do is buy the DVD this weekend and surprise Cookie Monster with it.

But overall, I'd like to think I'm not like Mike. For one thing, when CM comes into the room, I don't act like his voice is a buzzing in my ear. I've just been feeling really aggravated all day, but unlike my mom and Elly, I wasn't about to scream "WILL YOU TURN THAT FOOTBALL OFF?! OR AT LEAST STOP YELLING AND GROANING?!" And my stupid Norton Anti-Virus program is running right now, slowing the computer down, but I'm not going to bite a phone book over that either. I know I'm not the only person in the world; I just didn't want to drop what I was doing at a moment's notice and watch a film that requires a lot of concentration. So am I Mike?