August 24th, 2006

Friday, August 25

Panel 1: God, Lynn just does not get it! Nobody prints out emails! And I honestly thought John was Elly at first. Or Connie, or some woman. And something's exploding behind Elly's neck.

Panel 2: Sounds like a poem. And she spells out "veterinary", for cryin' out loud.

Panel 3: Not to be snarky, but is there actually an art to passing instruments? Besides not handing over the scalpel in such a way that it slashes the surgeon's palm?

Panel 4: Okay, first of all, nice condescending attitude. He's always putting down his daughters, but Mike practically gets a medal for carrying John and Elly's bags. Jerk. Second, why is the pun in the penultimate (or should I say "pun-ultimate? Sticky-outy tongue!) panel?

Panel 5: Oh jeez. Is Elly so squeamish she faints at the sound of the word "blood"? I do like the effect, though, with her face squashed and her mouth at an angle.