August 23rd, 2006

Thursday, August 24

Panel 1: Oh, come ON. I admit that just watching a surgery without losing your cool is nothing to sneeze at, but it's not THAT much of an "I did it!" accomplishment. And how was she a "big help"? Still, it's either this or a gushing email. Either way, once again a Patterson is superawesomeamazing for doing something that thousands of other people do.

Panel 2: April's got some very twisty, bendy arms, like Stretch Armstrong or something. And she looks almost defiant. Why, I wonder? And as I've said already, if she hasn't been there to monitor breathing and get stuff, they still would have been able to do the surgery. And cleaning up afterwards is hardly worth mentioning.

Panel 3: Oh. Brother. The transfixed gaze of the one who's found her true calling. And she looks like Mike. Or maybe an acorn.

Panel 4: I don't want to know the answer to that question, though of course I'll find out. At any rate, the obverse-angle juxtaposition looks like a greeting card. And something else I should have added: Way back in history, it was considered a sin to dissect a human body, so doctors learned by studying animals, which led to some dangerous misinformation. But this is the Foobiverse, where self-serving columns in the local fishwrapper are epic writing, so why should there be a distinction between human surgery and animal surgery.

Panel 5: Well, no sticky-outy tongue! I'm mildly impressed! Laura looks like a guy, and where was that scenery in all the other panels? Also, animals may not complain in words, but people here have already described how they make their discomfort known in other ways. But of course, in the Foobiverse, animals trump people. Unless of course, it's a matter of noticing that they have a tumor before it's too late, or something.