August 18th, 2006

Saturday, August 19

Panel 1: And here we go: April finding her True Calling. I love how she sets her sights so low, too. "I get to clean up animal poop! Wow, that's way different from what I've been doing here!" How much did Danny pay for his jaw extension, I wonder? Or is all that his beard?

Panel 2: Yes, we're going to give a totally unknown person all this responsibility! She's a Patterson, after all! April's head reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Marge was having an internal dialogue, and the shot kept going further and further up until the last voice said, "Don't ask me; I'm just hair! Your head stopped eighteen inches ago!"

Panel 3: Translation: Get me OFF of this godforsaken hobby farm! Bev, what the hey do you need her for? Who is the "hired hand" for the 48 weeks a year April's not there?

Panel 4: Now Bev looks like the old-school Mary Worth. And yeah, I think April can manage to gather two eggs when she comes home from the vet's office. That said, it's really not necessary to underscore the LAME pun by having April display her "two hands".