August 17th, 2006

Friday, August 18

Panel 1: Good grief, is Laura going to get undressed in front of Bev and April, scattering barn detritus everywhere? And why is Bev a dwarf all of a sudden? And April, you're overdoing it with the "OMG, nature is so different and fascinating!" routine.

Panel 2: Well, wouldn't you call that a complication? I mean, I don't actually know, but I'd think keeping a cow calm in labor is not easy.

Panel 3: I can't quite read April's expression. Is she awestruck by the idea of natural birth? Jealous of Laura's normal-sized, non-Patterson ass? Astounded, as I am, that her cousin is strutting around in her undies? And shouldn't it be Liz getting this lecture about birth being so wonderful? I mean, I know she'll have a ready-made child before long, but she should have at least one that carries Patterson DNA.

Panel 4: Huh. Well, April's changed since '04, when Mike was telling the story of Robin's complicated birth, and April thought it was "gross" rather than "engrossing".

What IS all this in aid of?