August 15th, 2006

Wednesday, August 16

Panel 1: Sigh. Why does April always need an adult to bail her out? But at least they're acknowledging last year's Summer of the Horse Whisperer. And is she skipping along, that her feet don't touch the ground?

Panel 2: Is Apes having another short day? Not just a short day, even: she has the face of an eight y/o! Anyway, what Bev says does make sense, I suppose. I wonder why nothing was ever made of April having to get used to Mike again when he came home on vacation from uni? And how long has she been on the farm this time? Is it like her first or second day?

Panel 3: Okay, now she looks her age. But, even though the horse's head is lower, April still looks taller than in the previous panel.

Panel 4: Oh boy, an ass joke! Yay! Now April looks like Mike. Hey, did Mike ever do anything with the horses, or is that strictly a girl thing?