August 13th, 2006

Monday, August 14

Panel 1: Ah, April on the farm. Sooooo much more interesting than Liz going to visit Paul and finding him in flagrante with Chipper. Still, I suppose it's better than April being ignored by the strip, the way she's out of sight and mind for Navet Nose and Mr. Engineer.

Anyway, if she's "plugged into her tunes" (ooh, more "teen talk" from the Lynnions! They're so groovy!), how can she hear Bev? Beyond that, though, I think the issue is, can she breathe, not is she bored. Or is this a sign that she's really meant to be a horse whisperer? And what is up with her left hand? I don't see fingers and I don't see where they would be bent around the stick.

Panel 2: Ooh, is that a bit of sass? And why is she tightening up her butt like that? And what difference does it make what she can hear?

Panel 3: So is she angry, or is she trying not to breathe through her nose? I'm tending towards angry, since her toe has broken the left side of the panel. That is a great drawing of a horse, though!

Panel 4: Oh crimeny. Well, it happens.

Panel 5: Huh. That's further than LJ's ever gone in anthropomorphizing an animal. But hey, that's why a loud, jeering laugh is called a horselaugh! However, if this is supposed to be some kind of comeuppance for thinking she can keep to her citified ways while doing farm work, I'm not convinced. She could just as easily have tripped if she hadn't been wearing the iPod.

ETAAgain: And where did the shovel go? That's what I'd be most concerned about, if I were in the position shown in panel 4. She's about to get the corner of the spade part of it stuck into her armpit, but in the last panel, it's completely disappeared.