August 9th, 2006

Thursday, August 10

Panel 1: Okay, there's no dispute here. Elly is a psycho. Nobody gets that bent out of shape just over vacuuming, and she doesn't have any other source of stress. So why does John want to move to a smaller house where they'll be in closer proximity?

(She's also wearing '70s pants.)

Panel 2: Another bent thumb. And camel toe, and scary boobs. And if the disorder created by Mike an' Lizzie when they were small even approached the level of Edgar (sorry 'bout yesterday's error!) and Dixie's, why is Elly so gung-ho to have grandkids around? Beyond that, why does she yell at the dogs as if it'll make a difference? They're DOGS. Tracking dirt is what they DO. Take them to the farm if they're so aggravating.

Panel 3: GAH! And MIRA is supposed to be the evil one?!

Panel 4: Well, okay. This is sort of along the same lines as a daily strip from the early years. But Elly's fuming is so over the top, it can't really support the payoff. She was just now talking like she wanted to asphyxiate them, and now she loves being nuzzled? If I were those dogs, I'd run far, far away.

And of course, the Wee Train House speculation has been dropped. And it'll be three or four cycles before we get back to Liz. And if we're going to see April on the farm, that's okay, IF we see her actually doing stuff, not just a rehash of stuff that happened offscreen. But we probably won't; we'll go back to the Pattersons Redux, the Evil Kelpfroths, and the Great Canadian Comedy In a Way.