August 8th, 2006

Wednesday, August 9

Okay, it's up at uComics. It's been so long, I forgot they update two hours later than Yahoo. On to the strip!

Panel 1: Okay, so he's at least acknowledging April. But by "after she moves out", does he mean after she goes to college, or after she graduates college? Nothing wrong with relinquishing one's room a la qnjones...but I got the impression that in her case, there were more than two bedrooms in the entire house. As in, her room became a sewing room or whatever, and on her visits home, she stayed in a guest room that was equally suitable for a non-family member. John makes it sound as if, when April comes back from her first semester at uni, she'll have to sleep on an air mattress between stacks of clear plastic boxes, or else go to a motel.

And Farley is John's advance guard; Dixie is Elly's. Interesting. Even the dogs are segregated by gender. Also, John's right leg is awfully far back. Is he Plastic Man?

Panel 2: Ooh, Elly! A bit offended, are we, that our spouse has been making plans without letting us know? Gee.

Panel 3: And John looks wary of the impending wrath of Elly. And space for your grandchildren...GMAFB. My grandma lived in a retirement community, and I never had a problem sleeping on her couch. And your kids? When do they stay overnight, and why should they? Cut the cord already! That's a funny-shaped talk-balloon stem, too.

Panel 4: Well, I would say I don't blame him, except I don't know who "us" means, unless it's him and his traiiiiiiiiiiiiins. Just as I predicted, Elly didn't directly call him on that. She does look pretty hacked off, though.