August 6th, 2006

Monday, August 7

Panel 1: Ye Gods! Could this exchange make it any more obvious that John and Elly want nothing more than to get rid of April? Even the shadows and the silhouettes of the dogs are ominous.

Panel 2: Why is John sniffing to confirm that the house is big? He looks like a bee stung his nose. He also has neck wattle.

Panel 3: That thin moaning sound you hear is me. Just. Move. Already. Do it while the Creature is away, and when she comes back, look at her aghast and say, "But that can't be. Our daughter drowned in a flooded river eleven years ago."

Panel 4: I see what the real problem will be. After John offers the neighbor man a tumbler of lemonade "enhanced" with something from the pharmaceuticals cabinet, Elly still won't want to move, because there won't be enough room for all her junk, and there won't be enough vaccuming for her to bitch about.