August 5th, 2006

Sunday, August 6

Panel 1: Ooh, boy! Deanna's big day out: a trip to the market! Merrie appears to be wearing the same shade of lipstick as her mom. And why do I think this strip is going to center around Robin being squirmy in the kiddie seat?

Panel 2: Aha! Little Lizzie used to do the same thing to Mike! Only in this case, I bet it'll trigger Merrie wanting what her brother has. Even though it means infantilizing herself. Do older siblings, who became "older" instead of "only" at roughly two years of age, normally take it this hard for this long? I'm more familiar with the younger sibling wanting the older's privileges and independence.

Also, I like the detail on the items in the cart. I guess those are pears in that bag, although they could be mangoes. And for once, Dee shows some ability to economize by getting apple juice in bulk.

Panel 3: Yep. Not sure what Deanna means by "share a cart", since I'm not sure two half-Patterson butts would fit in one kiddie seat. I'll just concentrate on the cereal names. Besides the generic Granola, we also have Muslix, Must Licks, and Moose Lix. And Hot Oat, Instant Gruel, Bran Bomb and Wheat Buds. Behind the cart, we have that old standby, Sugar Soggs, plus Multi Grain (or Crunch or Grunch), Raisin Puffs, and something with a little pink jumping man on it.

Panel 4: That's a nose I don't think I've seen before. It looks like a fuse. And is there a double meaning in that phrase? "There's no room for you now, Meredith. No this family. Robin, he of the Y chromosome, is the favored one."

Panel 5: That shot is cree-pee. Anyway, I thought parents generally didn't do this nowadays, on account of it's just too dangerous to turn your back on your kid in public.

Panel 6: Puffed Grano-Toasties. Munch-a-Roonie. The guy on the Hole Grain box is apparently not a Patterson, since he knows his ass from a hole in the ground. And Wheety Crunch is "Almost Nutritious".

Panel 7: Okay, why is she looking up at this other woman?

Panel 8: Oh, so she can make the maximum scene. Perhaps Dee will get a visit from CPS sometime soon. Merrie appears to have been electrocuted.

Panel 9: I don't know if that fits the definition of "tough love", Dee. And what was tough on her? Waiting it out? Taking the risk that Merrie would disappear before she was ready to give in? Having Merrie spurt tears? And from the curvature of her stylish mauve tunic, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she "planned" another child. Except I would, because I don't know when Mike would have the time to help conceive it. Unless it's actually Officer Luggsworth's. After all, if Mike fell for the birth-control-gap story, he might well believe that Baby #3 was the result of Deanna using Mike's toothbrush or something.