August 4th, 2006

Saturday, August 5

Panel 1: April is back to the propeller head. And instead of having a BDB, she has no ass at all! Jeez, give her some curves, for cryin' out loud! And is this going to be a power struggle between her and Elly? I thought she was so gung-ho about the farm -- why wouldn't she be packed? And what's on the dresser, a little bridal doll?

Panel 2: Yikes! What a scary profile on April! She looks like a troll. And is she for real? Of course she needs more than one set of clothes, especially if she's going to be mucking about, literally, with horses.

Panel 3: Well, for once, I'd say Elly's nagging is purposeful. There's not one thing listed that she won't really need.

Panel 4: But the way she's carrying on, you'd think there was a dead body in it. Again, I don't see why April hasn't packed yet if she really wants to go.

Panel 5: Oh, I get it. April has learned to harness Elly's neurosis for her own ends. Create a panic situation, and Elly will rise to it. April doesn't have to do anything! Meanwhile, what is flying out of the stuff in Elly's left hand -- a wooden pancake turner? And April looks truly bizarre.

Okay, just get her on the plane so we can switch back to Liz, The Tumbleweed Blowin' In the Wind.