August 3rd, 2006

Friday, August 4

Panel 1: Aw, April looks all distraught to be saying goodbye to her jerkass BF! And that top looks like it's about to fall down. She's 15, for cryin' out loud; can't they give her more to hold it up with?

Panel 2: Exposition, or an attempt to turn this into "Brief Encounter"? Dividing it into two sentences ("I'll write. Every day.") seems to indicate the latter. And catch up, Lynnions: She'll email every day. (And leave lip prints on the monitor?)

Panel 3: How is he saying that with his mouth closed? If they're whispering, shouldn't the talk-balloon outlines be dotted?

Panel 4: Huh? First of all, I don't know how she can say all that with Gerald's tongue down her throat. Second, I appreciate the dig at wilfully-ignorant Elly, though the Lynn apologists probably read this as "Oh, teenagers think they invented S-E-X, but they really don't know anything!" And third...sigh. Another gobsmacked expression from Elly, and another shapeless sack.

ETA: And I really hope we're not working towards another one of Elly's half-assed attempts to discuss mating and dating with April. Not that parents and teens shouldn't have these talks: of course they should. But three years ago, when Elly went from "You kissed a BOY?! AAAAIIIEEEE!" to "You know everything there is to know, so let your conscience be your guide" with no middle ground at all, I think I put dents in my keyboard from pounding my head against it.