August 2nd, 2006

Thursday, August 3

Panel 1: WTF? Are they singing or arguing?

Panel 2: Maybe arguing, since there are two figures in the foreground facing off. But April is wielding her guitar in the background. Still, I've never heard of a band where all the instrumentalists and the lead singer all sing at once.

Panel 3: Hm. Eva plays the tambourine without taking an ego-hit. Another sign that she's Not Like Becky. And what is in that bag Gerald's mom is carrying? And talk about camel toe. Plus, it looks like she's impaled on the neck of April's guitar.

Panel 4: Hm, again. Did Elly ever bring refreshments when the band rehearsed at her house?

Panel 5: I guess we're to take that to mean that they were playing, not arguing. Still, the first panel really looked as if everyone was yelling at Gerald. And what wouldn't I give to see that.