July 31st, 2006

Tuesday, August 1

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Why, Liz! How could you forget? I thought your family meant everything to you! And although I'm glad to hear that someone appreciates April's contributions, I wonder what exactly Bev needs help with, since Danny told her last year how little there was to do.

Panel 2: If you squint, you can see the "i" in "veterinary". Why is Liz glaring? Could it be that she feels, I dunno, out of the loop? She's finally ready to start taking April seriously, but April doesn't need her any more?

Panel 3: Gah! Extreme closeup! April, do. something. about. that. HAIR! And we're setting the stage for April's-gonna-be-a-vet. ETA: And yeah, we know you love animals, especially when they die miraculously in your arms after you've neglected them for months.

Panel 4: Ha, ha, ha. This could actually be interesting, though: April losing touch with the band again. Methinks that if she takes off for the summer again, she might as well give it up, because her absence will allow Gerald to take over completely. That said, however, I'd rather stick with Liz until some kind of resolution is reached.

August retcons!

Elly: I don't know about you, but when I lived out east, it didn't become sweaters-and-raking weather until almost the end of September, at least.

Why does she thank goodness that Iris and Jim can't grill on their balcony? And Jim hauls his cranky ass to their house "regularly"? And he "has to chews what he eats"? Is that a pun, a direct quote, or just a typo?

Interesting observation: Merrie and Robin running around yelling doesn't disturb anyone, but that's because many of the neighbors go away for the weekend. Can we take that to mean that they really are loud, and you don't have to be crankypants like the K's to hear them and get aggravated? And glory be, she remembers that April is still around and she's not an empty-nester yet!

And she ALSO finally admits that April is effectively an only! I think that's the first time anyone's ever acknowledged that. And why does she say Michael "escaped" when she means he went away to uni? And I find it kind of sad that April claims not to know Mike very well, because he was actually quite nice to her when he was a teenager. (I know it's hard to imagine Mike being kind and thoughtful, but he really was, at the time.) But as far as that about the age gap closing, Mike would have to act like an adult for that to happen.

Oh, so NOW Paul gets the endorsement. But what is that supposed to mean, that Liz would like to know him better? She KNOWS him. Or at least she would, if she'd freakin' stay around and take him seriously. And she says this as if she'd met him for the first time when Liz brought him home. Don't the Lynnions ever compare notes? I never watched Melrose Place, but I read about it in Rolling Stone, and apparently, the writers had dry-erase boards with all the story arcs and character connections written out, so as to avoid continuity errors. And that was a one-hour drama, with a lot more to keep track of. Jheesh.

And now she just can't keep away from the store. Le sigh.

John: Aw, he bought a toy for himself Merrie and Robin. To be fair, the bit about the hard-to-read instructions does bring up a happy memory. When my dad was in need of eye surgery, but still couldn't stop himself from tinkering and doing projects, I used to read instructions to him, as well as the "Push here" kind of instructions embossed on the gadgets themselves. And wow, the toy turned out to be destructive. But it didn't damage any of the !!!TRAINS!!! so it's all good.

So have we settled on "Everett" for his assistant's name? And how nice that both Pattersons will be retired before April goes to uni. And since when does John come from a line of dentists?

And I'm not about to comment on why April outfishes John. Otherwise, those are rather interesting anecdotes, since they're not about trains.

WILL YOU STOP STALKING THE GUY WITH THE HOUSE?! And how many times will the details of the owners be changed? Now he's a widower all of a sudden?

Liz: So she's going to visit Paul! Tensiontensiontension! And "I hope his transfer comes through so we can be closer"? @#$% you, you selfish %#(@! You. Chose. To leave. And you couldn't see his thought-bubble, but we did: don't hold your breath for that transfer.

The idea of being transient would be cool, if I thought she would ever go anywhere interesting from now on. And as someone said already, don't give us that crap about fate.

And you should be nervous. Because you're not going to find full-time work. Well, except that you live in the FOOBiverse, so a job will be created for you. You'll go to the interview and charm everyone instantly, like Beatrice did Elly. "Hiring happens quite suddenly"? Can anyone confirm or debunk that?

And she doesn't seem to have found a Jesse. I wonder if she'll really break that pattern, of always finding some little attention junkie to enable.

April: So she met people when she was at the farm? I kind of wish we could have seen that, instead of just being told. But who am I kidding.

What?! WHAT?! WHAT?! April had a sleepover with another girl and two guys?! You gotta be kidding me. Not that there's anything wrong with that, per se, but jeez, they might have started terrible-informationing each other!

And another foreshadowing about being a vet. Well, whatever. Just plan on paying for the schooling yourself. And I can see the advantages to owning one's own furniture. One thing's for sure: April won't be like her siblings, coming back home and whining that things chaaaaaanged, and that shouldn't happen.

I'm glad April can talk about Becky without bitterness or judgement. But how does she know all this? Especially about Becky "fighting" with her dad?

Mike: Oh for cryin' out loud. Only Michaelagh could make grand opera out of having a yard sale. And this just proves what we've talked about: they could afford an apartment if they didn't buy so much shit that they don't use. And Lovey should be selling those spoons and thimbles, if she sells them at all, on eBay or to stores, not at a yard sale.

"It's not fair to my family and I feel guilty for doing it," Whoa! Is this Michaelagh talking? Or is this a shout-out to us? ;) And Sheilagh writing the story for him is pure Lynn. I myself am from the Brooke McEldowney school: my characters do what I damn well tell them to do. Sounds harsh? Yes, but it also means I take full responsibility for errors, instead of just saying, "Well, that's the way it worked out."

Deanna: So the kiddie pool hasn't been moved, eh? And yes, it would be excessive for April to tell her story, especially since she hardly remembers the incident. And it is so creepy and sad to think that a yard sale is a social event for her.

The Olds: Hm. Iris mentions barbecues, but not that they were at Elly's. And this woman Iris's age is so active, so why does Elly act as if she herself is hobbling into the sunset?