July 30th, 2006

Monday, July 31

Panel 1: What, Liz talks French, but she never became fluent in Ojibway? If she's doing this in hopes of impressing Anthony, I think she's going about it the wrong way. And April seems to be having a tall day. Who wants to bet that now she'll start in with the "How do you feel about Anthony?" interrogation?

Panel 2: That's our Liz: always planning ahead. And another foreshadowing that marrying Anthony will solve everything.

Panel 3: Another hovercar, and it looks like there are banana trees in the front seats. And we finally hear her say it. Except that Missisauga is not "here". But it's south, so apparently the phony brat is finally admitting her ethnocentrism. (Yes, I know, she missed home and all that, but it's her use of "here" that I'm pinpointing. As in, Mtig and Spruce Narrows and Otter County are "there". Where the white people are at is "here". And she stays "here", where she can choose one of her own kind, stick to her own kind. Grrr. How I would have loved to see her break with tradition.)

Panel 4: Doing what, for cryin' out loud?

Panel 5: See, this should be another sign that Liz's presence is not needed "here". And of how out of the loop she is, because you'd think she'd have known this already. And, as much as I'm not looking forward to more strips about April the Magical Horse Whisperer, at least something's being followed up on. She's the only Patterson spawn who's gone back to the farm, and willingly at that, so hooray for her being braver than Liz.