July 29th, 2006

Sunday, July 30

Panel 1: I think the person who predicted that Jim would survive until the end of the strip was right. Their logic was that the Cantankerous Old Coot device is too fertile Sunday strip fodder to give up.

I have to agree that that suits the Lynnions' purposes, but it still makes me sad. Jim used to be such a vibrant person with so much to share, and watching him deteriorate like this is depressing.

Panel 2: And it's no less depressing to see Iris trying to control him this way. If he doesn't want to go out, then going out will not be good for him. Let him be.

Panel 3: See? They don't listen to him.

Panel 4: And "old fert" again. What is it with the Lynnions and their veiled vulgarity? And where are they -- the apartment? The lobby? Outside?

Panel 5: AAAAA! Is he going to go flying down a set of steps?

Panel 6: Well, maybe this is a good thing after all, if he can use it to escape, even if temporarily. And there are three things levitating in this panel: Elly, the dog, and Jim on the scooter. And I wish I knew the purpose of Jim's cursing: is it aimed at the other people, or at the machine, or is it an expression of satisfaction, like "Hot damn!"?

Panel 7: Jeez, it's inflated his face. And for crying out loud, if he wasn't all right, he would SAY SO.

Panel 8: No, no! There's no such thing as too fast, if Elly's fat butt can't keep up!

Panel 9: Oh, ha ha. Again, this is just sad.