July 28th, 2006

Saturday, July 29

BDBs: Liz, in panel 1: it's swelling out even before the pocketbook starts blocking it. Anthony, in panel 2.

Panel 1: Hm. Well, pro: He's not continuing to put pressure on her, they're not promising to meet again, and apparently they finished the test drive without another "WAIT FOR ME!!" cri de coeur. Con: She apparently hasn't told him about Paul, and she's letting him touch her. (Side note: I'm sure there are some people here who touched hands with their exes while they were involved with someone else, and it wasn't cheating or leading them on...but you guys are not Liz. Liz has established a pattern of action through inaction. Presumably, you guys haven't.)

Beyond that, his being "glad we had this time together" is so freakin' desperate. One car ride with Liz is a moment to treasure, is that it?

Panel 2: Oh no. Ohnoohnoohno. What DECISION, for crissakes? Elly's neck looks awful, Anthony's ass is huge, compared to his chicken legs, and in the color version, his shirt has gone from greenish to bright yellow. Symbolic?

Panel 3: Okay, a decision about the car. But doesn't Elly look awfully hopeful that it was a life decision? What IS this woman, who pimps her daughter to one guy, then steers her into a meeting with another? My mom is not a meddler in any real sense, but in this situation, she would definitely be saying, "Did you tell him about Paul?" Because in HER mind, you honor your freakin' commitments.

Panel 4: And she's going off the rails. About something that wasn't explicitly said. And this should not be complicated anyway. Jeez, she's so agitated, her bangs have popped out again.

Panel 5: Okay, what is that supposed to mean? You didn't realize? You didn't realize that you were bringing Liz to Anthony's workplace? You didn't realize you were telling him, "Liz is out in the parking lot by herself?" You didn't realize you were neglecting to tell him that she HAS A BOYFRIEND? And your neck looks even worse in this panel. And Liz's hair seems to have inflated.