July 27th, 2006

Friday, July 28

Panel 1: Okay, how does he know she knows? Does he filter this info through Elly to make sure it gets to Liz? Okay, it was April, not Elly, who sent the "WAIT!"-provoking email, but Elly-to-April-to-Liz is an unbeatable triple-play setup. We dicussed the possibility of Liz sending a "Sorry to hear of your divorce" email; did that happen?

Anyway, so he's announcing his availability. And of COURSE it's uncontested, as badly as he wants to see Therese gone forever. And the way this panel is drawn, it looks like Granthony's arms on the wheel.

Panel 2: Speaking of geometry, what is that face -- a dodecahedron? And "I'm a single father!" like Beatrice starting her list of attributes with "I'm a mom -- not perfect, but I do my best!" And why would Liz be proud? Are you forgetting that YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE NOTHING TO EACH OTHER?! You married someone else, she's lived with and dated other people?! Oh, and he calls her "Liz." Forcing intimacy?

Panel 3: God, that silhouette makes him look like Old Man Svensen in the Archie comics. And what a total oxymoron! "Our lives have changed, so we can still be friends." Your lives having changed is WHY you can't be friends. And Liz says "Of course," which is the first step towards doom.

Panel 4: Ugh! Anthony's FACE! I need a minute...

Okay. "Always been friends." That's one of the main reasons that Liz/Granthony interactions have always bothered me so much. They both protest TOO. DAMNED. MUCH. If I constantly had convos like this with my husband's business partner, or he with my best friend, it would be admissible in divorce court. And "favorite people in the world." Except for...uh...whatsisname. Peter, uh...Mark...One of the Apostles, right? Matthew?

Panel 5: AH...AH...AH...


Christ, I can hear it now from the Yahoo! group and a few bozos on r.a.c.s. "Why do you have to be so cynical? I think it's beautiful that their love has survived! This is a very touching story, and I'm glad that Anthony is finally going to find happiness!"

ETA: Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. There is a glimmer of hope. It's just BARELY possible that what Liz means by saying the wrong thing is that she realizes she's said something to encourage Granthony, and that that's NOT what she wants to do. Maybe. "Where there is life, there is hope."