July 26th, 2006

Thursday, July 27

Panel 1: Christ, it's like when you were a kid, waiting for your parents to find out that you broke a window or something. As much as you dread what's coming, it's a relief just to have the waiting over with.

So of course Anthony is going to invite himself along on the :cough: test drive. And it's not very different from what someone predicted, here or elsewhere I can't remember. The projection was "Elizabeth?" "Anthony!" Anthony is more wordy than I expected, but it just proves that he's not over her, since he apparently dropped everything to come out and see her. Liz's demure response makes my stomach lurch, though. See, if it were PAUL, she'd respond neutrally: "Yes, I need a car and since Gordon's the Best! Salesman! Evah! I blah blah blah..." Instead, she turns and gasps, "Anthony?" because that's all that matters is the sight of him, right? It's all over now, Baby Blue.

Panel 2: Ooooooooooof course. She'd "really like that." Bye, Paul.

Panel 3: Well, she hasn't moved back to Milborough, genius. And I can't quite read the expression on Liz's face. Anyone else?

Panel 4: No, not WAIT! That word has acquired such awful connotations! And katje, I think Lynn has put you out of business: Anthony has matched your OTT portrayal of him.

Panel 5: Nerves rattling. Well, all that means is that Liz is going to have a small crisis of conscience before she gets the Chipper 'n' Suds 4-Evah news from Mtig.

::Cookie hands out barf bags:: [_] [_] [_] [_] [_]