July 25th, 2006

Wednesday, July 26

Panel 1: Well, thank heavens we're actually seeing something HAPPEN! Why do Foobians keep saying "hum", though? Is that another of Lynn's inventions?

Panel 2: Liz, he did not ask for your life story. And why did you bring your mommy? Well, I suppose she drove, but does she have to stand right there? And why is this an occasion for a freakin' anxiety attack? Grow UP already! And your hair makes you look like Nancy Reagan.

Panel 3: Elly looks like she's referreeing. Is she financing this? She didn't speak up when Gordon asked about prices, but who knows what that means.

Panel 4: Ah, more folksy humor. Get the Granthony reunion over with already. And Gordon does not look terribly different from the cemetery salesman, or whatever that guy was.