July 23rd, 2006

Monday, July 24

Panel 1: Whoa! I should be used to the sight of Liz in her teacher bun, but I still didn't realize who was visiting who until she said "mom". Perhaps it's because she's also wearing a dress instead of one of those god-awful slacks-and-sweater ensembles*. Anyway, so clearly Elly can't call Liz, and she certainly can't send an email, so she has to bring her nose (and a casserole for Liz to burn the butt off of) to the "miniscule" apartment to meddle in person. And Liz's stance is totally unnatural and looks like it would hurt her back. Why does she have all her fingers splayed out, for heaven's sake?

Panel 2: Oh lord, here we go. Well, I'll skip the usual toldyaso, and just hope that Liz is leading up to admiting that she shouldn't have left Mtig.

Panel 3: Why is she sticking her ass out like that? And now I'm confused: is it a dress, or very wide trousers? And this is killing me. She's never happy, and always blames it on where she is: she should be in a different place. But when she gets to that different place, she's unhappy because that's not the right place either. Girl. Needs. Help. And look how she's still stuck in college mode, with the miniTV on top of the minifridge.

Panel 4: Sigh...Look, it's okay with me if you guys disagree, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she mentions Paul last because she really does miss him the most. She puts her hand on her heart, all dramatic and Pattersony, and emphasizes that she misses him "so much." Not, of course, that this lets her off the hook, but I'm just saying.

Panel 5: Ha, ha, ha. The puns are getting weaker all the time. And what is Elly trying to say, anyway? That all that is worth it as long as Liz is within dropping-in distance? That she shouldn't regret her TOTALLY SELFISH decision? No, life is not perfect, but that's hardly sound advice here. Liz had a good life, then she decided it was "falling apart", and now she's made it fall apart for real. That's not life: that's on her.

*Yes, I realize Mtig in the winter is too cold for skirts, but the other teacher, Laurie whatsername, rocks the jeans-and-handknit sweater look, while Liz looked like she borrowed Elly's "mom clothes" from the '70s.