July 21st, 2006

Saturday, July 22

Panel 1: Yes, Shiimsa, you're living with a crazy woman. And tossing and turning is a short step from arm-flapping, if you ask me.

Panel 2: Feel like what, may I ask? I know a simple solution, but I'm sure it's something a Patterson would NEVER do. And there goes Shiimsa; I can almost hear the "Mrreeeow!"

Panel 3: What, is she hung over again?

Panel 4: Well, the eyes look scary, the sticky-out ears are back, but what I'm most skeeved by is the hair. That's not even bed-head, when the hairs sprout straight up and out like that. And either she has a really big head, or the volume of the hair in back is truly Whitesnake proportions.

Panel 5: Oh, so it's morning and she's getting up? I was expecting her to go into the bathroom, realize that she's made an unusual number of such visits in the past 24 hours, thus raising the possibility that she left Mtig with something besides a spirit name. As it is, this strip is from nothing, leading to nothing. Unless we're supposed to "use our imaginations."