July 18th, 2006

Wednesday, July 19

Panel 1: Again with the tea. Thank heavens, though, that we didn't have to see Mike and Elly going through the creative process. Or should that be "oh darn"? And "I love a good story" -- WTF is that supposed to mean? Did Elly perchance point out that her own parents life is a "good story"? Also, Elly? White pants are not for you.

Panel 2: ACK! Which one of them is Mike? And here comes the Liz tell-don't-show.

Panel 3: Well, she hasn't done the right thing. And this is a hell of a time to start pondering that, being as she insisted that it was her ONLY choice when she made it. And "countless messages" may imply that Paul is not knocking himself out to maintain contact. And, oh, she THINKS about Mtig. Well, whoop-de-freakin' doo.

Panel 4: Why does Mike sounds so amazed that -- WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Panel 5: Hi, Lynn!

Anyway, the reference to Liz "torturing herself", then the revelation that it's all in Elly's head, gives me the creeps. Elly can't get enough validation from Robin being sick so she can be Super!Grandma -- now she has to pretend Liz is crying herself to sleep every night so she can swoop in and fix THAT?!