July 17th, 2006

Tuesday, July 18

"An'"s: Two.

Panel 1: Hey, is April having a "tall day"? I mean, the others are sitting down, but the more cruel of the Lynnions would make her head level with theirs even then. Beyond that, I'm already tired of the "just mentioning the word 'book' draws a crowd" device. I also find it hard to believe that a 15 y/o gives a rat's patootie what others in her family are doing, but heck, being the "What's going on?" person is better than nothing. But shouldn't she have some boobs to put in that top? I suspect there's a continuous struggle between the need to dress her like a Paris Hilton wannabe, and an edict not to ever depict her having secondary sex characteristics.

Panel 2: Oh for crying out loud. April, you KNOW he's a writer, for gosh sakes. And "pages an' a story an' everything"? That's, uh, kind of the definition of a book. Why do they keep reverting her to the Aypo stage? And on my first glance at the strip, I thought she was topless in this panel.

Panel 3: Oh, WE are making a few changes. Hhhhhhhhi knew it. And I love Mike's condescension: "It's not so easy to explain" to your BABY SISTER, while of course your ALL-KNOWING MOTHER understands immediately that it's "a comedy, in a way."

Panel 4: Gah! Elly's neck! She looks like a turtle without the shell! And of course April wouldn't say that sarcastically; like everyone else, she knows everything Mike breathes on turns to gold. But since when does she read bestsellers? She hadn't even heard of The Horse Whisperer, and they made a movie of it.

I'm torn between dread and anticipation of excerpts.