July 15th, 2006

Sunday, July 16

Panel 1: Ah, the whole family! Except for the olds. Not that I feel they should be there, just saying. Elly's nose is HUGE. So is Mike's butt, and what is going on with his legs -- are they crossed, or does he have a very large pocket pulled out? April must have a really long arm if she's able to sit that far from the end of the table and still have the napkin in her hand lap over the edge. And I hope Robin yanks Mike's nose right off.

Panel 2: Ah, so Elly's going to use the skills she learned in her photography course! She's got a nice rack here, too.

Panel 3: Is Robin playing at being Bob the Builder? Mike has a defiant stance for some reason.

Panel 4: Oh, so everyone's going to get fed up while Elly micromanages, and a candid photo will end up being anything but.

Panel 5: Aw! Even Edgar is smiling! Liz and Mike look like Donnie and Marie.

Panel 6: Yep, here it comes. And where did her boobs go?

Panel 7: Oh, there they are, but they're sagging.

Panel 8: Well, at least she knows how to do that. Or will we find out in the next panel that she really didn't?

Panel 9: "Dites fromage!"

Panel 10: I wish I knew how to close one eye.

Panel 11: AAAAAAAA! The whole family spontaneously combusted!

Panel 12: Ha, ha, ha. And of course, John is wondering whether or not to tell her why that is. Actually, I can kind of sympathize for a different reason: I was once at a similar gathering, where every time someone saw me with a camera, they started posing. Which I did not want! Anyway, face it, Elly: you drain the fun out of everything.