July 13th, 2006

Friday, July 14

Panel 1: "Waaaaaaahhhh! Mommie, the mean Kelpfroths were mean to me! I don't have to do what they say, do I?" "Of course, not, bubbelah*!" Anyway, I was going to say that Robin looks adorable with just his little nose peeping over the rim of the pool. But then I looked closer and saw that it's actually his upper lip, with his nose above it. Which means he's biting the pool. So why isn't Mike saying, "Robin, cut that out" before he either ingests some icky germs, or deflates the thing, spilling water and Pattersons all over the yard. Which would be pretty funny.

Panel 2: That's not the issue, Lovey. Melville didn't say he "wanted" the front yard for anything; he just said the kiddie pool being there didn't look good. And it doesn't look good. And it's killing the grass. And it's an attractive nuisance. And it's not safe or sanitary. And and and.

Panel 3: Whoa, nice projection there. Who's kvetching now? And that's three entries from the Dictionary Schmictionary so far. Anyway, if the Kelpfroths can move, SO CAN THE PATTERSONS.

Panel 4: Look, bitch, you are the landlady. You are supposed to be impartial, and try to address the needs of both parties.

Panel 5: Oh, my GOD. Merrie's already being indoctrinated. And since it comes from a widdle child, it's official: The Kelpfroths are the Meanest. People. Ever.

*NOT meant as a slur on Lovey, just trying to be consistent with the character. Anyway, my mom called me "bubbie" on occasion, and she's Unitarian.