July 12th, 2006

Thursday, July 13

Panel 1: Whoa! What a surprise -- the Delicate Genius couldn't fix the a/c! And I hope Lovey's use of the word "should" is merely a colloquialism. If the a/c came with the apartment, then she is responsible for its repair or replacement, straight up. If, however, the Patterson juniors bought the contraption, and she's merely making an offer out of kindness, then that is disgusting. You KNOW she'd never do that for the Kelpfroths. And with her "it's always something", I feel poised on the verge of another "Oy! Why do I rent? I'll sell you this building!"

Panel 2: Or not. Go Melville! Rub it in! Work that boxers/wifebeater combo! Don't just HOLD the cigar: blow the smoke in his face! And before this goes any further, I will (again?) note that the K's did not take the downstairs apartment from the Pattersons. The Pattersons wanted to move upstairs because they didn't have enough room, and Lovey offered to keep charging them the same amount in rent.

Panel 3: Is the kiddie pool on the FRONT LAWN?! That is total white trash! We already saw toys scattered all over the place in panel 1; what's next, a car up on blocks and a broken couch? I can't believe Lovey allows that; it will so ruin the grass. And I wonder if Melville looming in front of innocent little Merrie is supposed to be ominous. Her little whale is cute, though, and I wonder who that silhouetted person is in the background, and what the heck they're doing.

Panel 4: Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, Melville doesn't look too classy himself, but he's not out front, looking like that, ALL THE TIME.