July 10th, 2006

Tuesday, July 11

Panel 1: What? Is that supposed to be Mike's silhouette in the foreground? It looks like Merrie. Where did Micheilagh get such pretty curls? And I love how he speaks for both of them. "We" can't sleep. No, your wife would be able to sleep if you hadn't howled like a banshee because you're too inept to adjust a ceiling fan. ETA: Oh god, I'm an idiot. I totally missed the "Mommy." I'll just leave this as is, as a monument to my dumbness.

Panel 2: Wait, the a/c already broke down? Did they know this before they went to bed, hence the ceiling fan? I'm not even clear on what happened to the fan: did it get stuck on the highest speed? And way to wake your kid up, !*+@*.

Panel 3: "Try to fix it in the morning"? Yeah right. And if the unit is just in the kids' room, Mike an' Dee wouldn't be getting the coolth* from it anyway.

Panel 4: The timing in this strip is all over the place. Giving a cool bath to a 2y/o and 4y/o takes much less time than it does to mop up an a/c leak, so what was Micheilagh doing in the interim?

Panel 5: After careful inspection, I conclude that they're in the living room. With the covers tucked chastely of course, so they can't touch or anything. Mike's life is just soooo hard, but when did he ever love camping?

*When I was a kid, we only had a/c in the family room. Often, on summer nights, I would sleep in there, "in the coolth", as my mom put it, while my parents slept with three box fans: one on each side of the bed and one on the chest at the foot. And we never carried on like it was a hardship.