July 9th, 2006

Monday, July 10

Panel 1: Ah, back to the Patterson Redux. Now, I wonder if a noise on the ceiling is going to disturb the Kelpfroths. That's some interesting onomatopaea, though. Goes back to the old days when Lizzie's swing said "skaree-skaraa".

Panel 2: Gah! Mike looks like a serial killer! And why is "tug" in a dialogue balloon?

Panel 3: But of course, we can't expect Delicate Geniuses to know how to fix stuff. Yeah, I know, he fixed the porch, but someone here already pointed out what a shoddy job he made of it.

Panel 4: Ha! Somebody watches Red Green!

Panel 5: Look, jackass, it's not the design of the ceiling fan. It's the fact that it's decades old. And the fact that you're too cheap to get an air conditioner, or move to a better apartment. In fact, refresh my memory: did one of the retcons mention an a/c? Anyway, I love how anything that goes wrong is always someone else's fault. And this is an old punchline: "Whoever designed/invented _blank_ never did _blank_" when the obvious solution is, either don't do _blank_, or use the _blank_ properly.