July 4th, 2006

Wednesday, July 5

Panel 1: So they're peppering him with questions. He must think that either Liz has never brought home a suitor before*, OR, they're overwhelmed by the novelty of a non-white visitor. I love Elly's question, too. "Does your mother have a career? Something interesting, like being an incompetent pharmacist or owning a bookstore where she spends four hours a week? Or is she just a working drone or a housewife?"

Panel 2: Jeez, this is over the top. Two questions in the same talk-bubble? C'MON.

Panel 3: And cue the...

Panel 4: Continued, and convenient, regression of April to the blabbermouth stage! I mean, really. When she asked a similar question of Warren, it was a deliberate attempt to get under his skin. But this is way out of character for a 15 y/o.

*Well, actually, she hasn't; not like this, anyway. In high school, they got used to Anthony gradually. Eric never made the journey to Milborough with her, which was the first sign of trouble, even before Liz found the hair clip. They did meet Warren, but only briefly, at Liz's graduation. So this is the first time someone's been interrogated.