July 3rd, 2006

Tuesday, July 4

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Ohhhhhhhhh, lord. Paul took her right to the door. Who wants to bet that Anthony's there? Or at least that his name comes up?

Panel 2: This is also a key moment: John sizing up Paul. But all I can see is Edgar, jeering at him. "Ha ha! You're gonna end up under a tree, like my dad!" And poor eyeless April, on the edge of the crowd as usual. And Liz's demeanor is like that of a high-school student. I'm telling you, she's regressing.

Panel 3: But now April is regressing too, back to her old 24-hour news channel persona. Still, she and Elly are fawning, in their way, and Paul looks overwhelmed. Hey, make the most of it, pal! You'll never see these people again.

Panel 4: Oh, he's staying for dinner! Well, perhaps it's not completely hopeless after all. If her family embraces Paul, inertia may keep Liz focused on him. (And what kind of pie is it?) That said, if Elly made a company dinner, then presumably she knew Paul would be providing door-to-door service, so why did Liz announce it in the first panel, as if it was an unexpected bonus?

Panel 5: Real tactful, Liz.