June 29th, 2006

Friday, June 30

Panel 1: White Goose Patterson. "I'll always return" Patterson. So now we're going to get more musings about how she hates to leave even though she "can't stay". Please, PLEASE let this bring her to the realization that she should not BE leaving! But probably not, because this panel reminds me of the NYE party, just before she left, when she was so uncomfortable because there were committed couples (in other words, Anthony and Therese) in the room, and dismissing the singles as old acquaintances with whom to make small talk.

And Jesse had a dream involving Liz and a goose? I don't even wanna know.

Panel 2: Yep, sure enough, Jesse will be at her side all night. But how does she balance the plate so high up on her thighs?

Panel 3: "Then I had a dream, but this time when I woke up..."

Panel 4: AAAAAAAAAAAAA! An actual in-joke, and very likely a shoutout to all snarkers! Not just on this site, but Comics Curmudgeon, Brendan Calling and Crown Princess, to name just a few! But apparently not ellcee, since when Paul gave her that name at the end of one of the foefics, it translated as "Gaktanango Nesewin".

But I wonder: would this indicate that Jesse really has a gift? I would expect a Navajo kid to have lizards on the brain, but not an Ojibwe. And Lizard Breath was meant to be an insult when Mike started calling her that; there's nothing spiritual about it. And why is he smirking? Is he, in fact, taking a shot at Liz for abandoning him and the rest of the village?

Wonder what the animations will be. Liz's fork moving, perhaps?