June 27th, 2006

Wednesday, June 28

Sorry I'm late; we had company!

Panel 1: You know, a similar remark was made about the stargazing party: that "just about" everyone was there. Which makes me wonder: who are the holdouts? The very elderly? People who've been shunned for some reason? People who have a job, like fire tower lookout, that they absolutely can't leave?

Panel 2: Oh, Liz, cut it out with the stunned surprise. But at least she's not wearing a hoochie dress, although I must repeat the question: what WAS she going to wear before she was specifically informed that a party for her is an honor? And there's Jesse, of course. You know he's not going to be more than arm's length away from Liz the whole night.

Panel 3: Oh lord. I don't even want to speculate on what name Jesse came up with, so I'll let you guys do it. Meanwhile, I love the shot of Liz, so demurely positioned with only her profile and bosom visible, her back half cut off by the frame.

Panel 4: Well, I'm as bewildered as Liz. Jesse does call her something: he calls her "Miss Patterson." And why is Paul covering his mouth? He doesn't seem to be stifling a laugh. Does he find the idea of Jesse having dreams about Liz disturbing? I know I do. Jesse's. Obsession. Is not. Healthy.