June 26th, 2006

Tuesday, June 27

Panel 1: Okay, so Susan's lending a hand in the Prune Social preparations, even though she doesn't live there yet. I guess this is a Native thing: any time there's work to be done, you pitch in. Granted, if I were in her position, I'd offer my assistance as well, just to be polite. But we've already got Susan on a first-name basis with Gary, and now Viv as well. The impression I get is that if you're Native, you're already assimilated in any Native village you visit.

Anyway, apparently Liz an' Paul untangled themselves as soon as they'd made their big show. Not that I mind, really; I agree with howard and qn that it's rude to become so oblivious to the third person that even if they excused themselves, you wouldn't hear or care.

Panel 2: Liz has to prepare gifts? I don't get it. And since "give away" is in quotes, I take it we're about to be schooled in another charming one-big-happy-family Native custom.

Panel 3: Well, no wonder Liz has to brace with her leg -- her arms look like she's anorexic! Meanwhile, why do we keep getting it pounded into us that Liz fits in here, now that she's leaving? I SWEAR, I don't know how this is not supposed to be a bad decision. And what's Anishinabek? Have we heard that word (? name?) before?

Panel 4: Okay, first of all, why does she have even one skimpy little club dress in Mtig? I thought she gave them all to April. Second, why does she connect "It's an honor" with "I better get glammed up"? Third, what's the pattern here in the moving of boxes? Did Paul put the heavy box of books on top of another box, and if so, why? And fourth, it looks like Lynn signed the box Liz is digging in.

Also, I wonder if we'll ever see Jesse's gift. ETA: And today, Paul's "this place looks so empty" observation is accurate. I don't see any furniture, or anything besides walls and floors. Where did the furniture go?