June 25th, 2006

Monday, June 26

First, let's have a round of applause for howtheduck and qnjones, for maintaining FOOBiverse in my absence! Yayyyyyyyy! Well done, guys!

Now for today's strip. Oh, thank goodness we're still in Mtig! If this had been dropped for zits an' vacuuming, my head would have exploded.

Boobwatch: Liz is sagging in panel 2 and almost flat in panel 3.

Panel 1: This is another recent FOOB trend: the continual statement of the obvious. "I'm packing! Look at me, I'm packing! I've almost finished packing!" I guess the moose tapestry comes with the apartment. And I wonder if Paul's statement implies that Liz is a slob. I mean, the furniture is still there, so the place is not what I'd call empty. As such, his remark comes off like, "Seems strange to see this apartment without your JUNK strewn all over!"

Also, Susan reminds me of when I was in fourth grade and made a model of a Gold Rush town for a history product. It turned out quite good, but at the last minute, I realized it lacked one element. So I took odd pieces of fabric, wrapped them around toothpicks, and stood the toothpicks up on the sidewalks. Later, at school, I added a helpful sign: "Those pink things are PEOPLE!"

Panel 2: OOooOOhhHH! Liz, standing outside of Susan an' Paul's two-way eyeline as Paul chortles, is ready to strike with that tape dispenser! Plus, Susan an' Paul both have their hands in their pockets. Matching stances are dead giveaways!

Panel 3: See? Paul had to put Liz in a chokehold, to restrain her! And she's still reaching for the dispenser! Meanwhile, Susan has the tiniest waist I've seen in FOOB in a long time. But...he's really going to transfer south? And for that matter, why would he "see her around"? He ETA was not a frequent visitor to Mtig before returning the sunglasses, despite the presence of convenient relatives. So an encounter with Susan would be deliberate, would it not?

Panel 4: No, no need for the polite exit, Susan. We all know Liz doesn't do anything that wouldn't be okay for Mtigizens to watch through the window.

So where will this go? Paul seems to be okay with uprooting his life for Liz, so how will she screw this up? Maybe the minute Susan does leave, she'll interrogate Paul about their shared history, to the point where he gets fed up. Or, more likely, a few weeks/months from now, Liz will get an "It just happened..." letter, phone call or email, so she will be thoroughly wronged and have only one person to turn to.

Or, maybe, possibly, it really will be Paul an' Liz forever. I just find it hard to let go of the slim thread of "But why was the name 'Officer Paul Wright' emphasized if he's not 'Mr. Right'?".