June 21st, 2006

Is that supposed to be deep?

In my experience, people who say "the children will teach you what you need to know" do not mean that children are wise and can guide adults along the right path. What those people actually mean, nine times out of ten, is that they are ineffective leaders and have capitulated their authority over the kids, and that the kids are the ones running the show in the class/care group/after-school activity. That pretty much jibes with what we've seen of Liz so far. She is supposedly SuperTeacher, but by her own admission, she doesn't even blink at the rampant truancy problem in her school and often ditches the planned lessons in favor of letting the TV babysit the kids.

Good news for Liz: she's being drawn more normally today. She's fairly slender, and in Panel 2, her butt is abnormally high and perky.

Bad news for Susan: in Panel 2, her butt has been drawn where her crotch should be.

Good news for Susan: she's had a makeover, a la Eva! When we first met Susan Dokis back in March 2006, she was short, fat, and dumpy-looking. Her facial features were broad and flat-ish. She wore an unflattering long ponytail and a bulky, lumpy Salvation Army castoff sweater and pants. But now she is taller and slimmer. Her facial features are sharper, and her nose is smaller. Though her clothing is strictly Camp Counselor Chic, her grooming from the neck up is more glamorous. She has acquired the Lips of Loveliness. In a couple of panels, it looks as though she may be wearing small earrings. And she has ditched the ponytail in favor of a prettier, properly teacherly bun that shows us she is virtuous and Pattersonian.

So, Gary invited Susan for a couple of days and did not tell Liz. That seems very rude, given that he must have known that Susan would want to make some pretty significant demands on Liz's time during her visit. It's too bad Liz isn't staying here in Mtigwaki, if it's a village where withholding important information from people you have a responsibility to is considered good form. Furthermore, I have to wonder if Gary expects Liz to put Susan up at her place. We know from the monthly letters that Liz has not been able to keep her apartment in Mtigwaki during the summers because Gary and Viv use it for guests. That suggests there is no room for guests in their home. Oh well, springing this kind of thing on people is the Mtigwaki/Liz Patterson way, so I'm sure they'll all be fine with it.

A couple of words about Shiimsa: in panel one, IMHO, she's pretty well drawn, and is playing in a very realistically cat-like manner. But in the last panel, she looks like a withered, limp stuffed animal dangling over the edge of that box. Like she's just another item Liz is about to toss in before she seals it with extra-strong packing tape.

All in all, though, whoever is doing the drawing is slowly becoming more consistent, at least in drawing Liz.