June 12th, 2006

Gordon in disguise?

I'm starting to think that really is Gordon, with black shoepolish in his hair, a stick-on moustache, and a pair of teeny-tiny little sunglasses. The guy needs to work on his sales technique, though. Boasting of a burial area's "excellent drainage" is more likely to nauseate than excite customers. It can only get them asking the wrong sorts of questions, like: Do "Peaceful Rest" and "Hearts Fovever" enjoy only fair drainage? If we choose a burial plot that is near municipal transit, will little Robin and his Merrie Men have to float bouquets of flowers on Grandma and Grandpa's memorial cesspool?

The last two panels are idiotic and unfunny. It seems obvious that prices would differ from area to area, especially given that each area enjoys different features. Naturally it will cost more to decay in a plot on Whispering Heights--they took the trouble to install a storm sewer over there! Her stupid question is intended only as a setup to the unfunny punchline. In this case, it's not funny because it's true. As with regular real estate, the location of cemetary plots will be a big factor in determining price. There is really no reason to think it would be otherwise. Yet Gordy McDeath seems to have blown the minds of our fair heroes with this little tidbit.

I will say that I agree with Howard--whoever is drawing the cemetary backgrounds is pretty darned good, yesterday's first panel notwithstanding.