June 8th, 2006


Friday, June 9, 2006

Panel 1: We see April entering the house after having walked the dogs. Dixie runs in the door, but Edgar is getting one last whiff of fresh air or April posteriour. It’s hard to say which one Edgar would prefer. Much to my surprise, the strip enters a whole new level of tedium as Elly and John discuss cemetery plot prices. I don’t know anything about this subject, but thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, it appears to me that $1000 is a pretty fair price for a cemetery plot. I presume it is John expressing surprise with his “Whoa!”

Panel 2: John says, “4x6-foot” Is this one of those things where John expresses it directly as “foot” so Elly can say 4’x 6’ and people don’t think it is metres? As yesterday, we will not see John Patterson’s left hand in this strip. In fact it is in this panel that hands are seen at all. I am glad the artist has realized her hand-drawing limitations. I am very surprised Elly has not told John to put away his apple core, but she is probably too excited talking about burial options with John to complain. Join us tomorrow as Elly and John discuss entombment, burial of cremation remains in an outdoor or indoor niche, above-ground mausoleums, and the difference between interment fees for cremation and burials. I can’t wait, can you?

Panel 3: April appears in silhouette and what broad shoulders she has. I suppose this is to make up for Elly’s missing eye, and John’s disembodied head, as John discusses how to take up less space in the ground so he can cost less. Yes, John. Just your head being buried would be cheaper.

Panel 4: April gets the straight line today, as John answers “real estate”, and…I don’t get it. I believe it is actually a real estate purchase, although probably without mineral rights and real estate taxes. Edgar in silhouette laughs. I guess he gets the joke. Elly doesn’t seem to get the joke. She looks startled, perhaps by the sound of the cord phone on the wall behind John appearing, or the picture behind her on the wall shifting down and to the left. All I can say about this strip is, “Please no more. Let it end this week.”