June 5th, 2006


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Panel 1: Back to the coffee shop with Moira, where we last saw Elly discussing her retirement on February 3 . Let’s see how Elly’s predicted reasons for retirement match with what actually happened. Back in February, Elly told Moira she was thinking about going back to school to finish her English degree and how she hoped that her granddaughter would do the same. Today, as someone has placed Elly’s head on John’s body, she tells the now, big-as-a-house Moira she doesn’t feel retired. What have you been doing, Elly? I can hardly wait to hear about it.

Panel 2: Classes and cleaning and kids! Oh my! Love that alliteration. And Elly hardly has time to think, which means it’s the perfect mindset for writing. Wait a minute! Classes, plural? Kids, plural? What is she talking about? In her monthly letters, Elly has only mentioned a 6-week photography course offered through the local college, but this dialogue implies that Elly has actually lived up to her promise to go back to school to finish her degree. However, she has only been retired since April, so it seems unlikely she could have signed up for anything in a regular college semester. Then there is the kids part. She has to be talking about going to stay at Mike and Deanna’s to take care of Robin and Merrie, but technically they are the grandkids. I know they are kids generically, but you would think Elly would call them grandkids.

Panel 3: The black lips of Moira make a reappearance as I find it once again necessary to remind the artist that when the character’s head tilts to the right, the eyes should tilt with it. Real humans do not have inertially stabilized eyes. Moira dropped a leading question in the last panel with “Write?”, but apparently Elly has stopped thinking so much, she has to be more direct with “About what?” in this panel. Non-thinking Elly says, “Just stuff” and then continues with an actual answer. It takes awhile to get that retired brain in motion. It must not have been in motion when Elly wrote her June, 2006 monthly letter, because this is the first I have heard of her writing.

Panel 4: Now the family stories / diary announcement turns morbid. I must write it, before I bite it. Moira tries to deflect the turn in the conversation, and thus sets up the joke for the strip in the next panel.

Panel 5: The waitress, who bears a slight resemblance to Kortney Krelbutz (although that would be too much to hope for), gets the joke line and makes them feel old. But don’t feel too bad Elly and Moira. If a waitress without any eyes asked me if I were going to get the Senior’s discount, I would probably say yes. After all, how is she going to know the difference, and I could use the price break. Moira also goes for the no-eye look in the support of the waitress’ affliction, while Elly simply does the “my mouth has dropped to the bottom of my face” look, in a vain attempt for a humourous reaction. Just to let you know, person drawing this strip, the joke is not funny enough to work without a strong comic reaction on the face of both Elly and Moira, who could respond differently to the same statement of the waitress, and save the strip. Otherwise, it's just yet, another Elly-is-old joke.