June 2nd, 2006


Saturday, June 3, 2006

Panel 1: Now we conclude this Liz sequence with oddly no resolution with Jesse Mukwa. I guess Liz just gave up on him, because he gets no mention in this strip. Liz is informing her sister of her summer plans, as she types with her left hand and waves her right hand mysteriously somewhere in the vicinity of the keyboard, and the usual 1 Tick, 1 Ticka, 3 Taps to let the visually-impaired know that she is typing.

Panel 2: If this strip were Garfield, I would now point out how the artist is blowing up the same image over and over again, over the next four panels. However, since this is For Better or For Worse, which has greater artistic integrity, we will now see, as Liz’s face gets bigger and bigger, if the artist is up to the challenge of filling in the details that would become more evident the closer you get to a normal human being. I will give you the basic rundown of how it went for me:

Lips Liz’s lips will become more Deanna-like until you finally realize that Liz has a tremendous overbite.
Nose No matter how close you get, the artist refuses to draw nostrils. Does this mean that Liz does not actually need air to live? I have long suspected this to be the case.
Eyes Liz does develop eyelids and eyelashes, and a little white dot serves as her pupils. Up close you realize that Liz has the most beautiful zombie eyes.
Eyebrows No matter how close you get, the width of the eyebrow is unchanged, even though the length does change.
Hair The loose hair on Liz’s right gets longer and longer the closer you get.

As for the actual dialogue, Liz remarks on the unusual relationship between lakes opening and schools winding down. I wonder what would happen if they had unseasonably warm weather and the lakes opened early. Would school close earlier too?

Panel 3: Liz mentions Paul, but the typing noise has dropped to Tick Tap Tick. She is able to type quite a bit, with just 3 keystrokes.

Panel 4: Another display of efficient typing as Liz sets up her final joke in the next panel.

Panel 5: I think the artist must have gotten confused here. The point has to have been to get close up on Liz so we could see a tear in her eye. Maybe there is one and the colourist has obscured it. The effect of the poor art is that instead of putting an unmistakably obvious (even to a hack colourist) tear on Liz; we have a “tear”less Liz attempting to make a pun on the word “tear.” The whole thing falls apart without a visible tear. Just to let you know Liz, it is interesting that the word baloney can mean “bologna” or “pretentious nonsense” and they are spelled the same way. And that is exactly what you are feeding us with this "tear" pun.