May 25th, 2006


Friday, May 26, 2006

Today let’s visit Vivian, or as she is known by her Indian name, Woman-who-finishes-sentences. 45 words Liz, 41 words Vivian. Liz wins by 4 words.

Panel 1: I suppose we should have expected this after yesterday’s strip, since the only person to whom Liz confides her personal stuff is Vivian. We can only suppose that Liz has been moping around for weeks, driving everyone crazy, for Vivian to make this statement directly on Liz’s entrance.

Panel 2: Vivian tries to distract Liz with a beverage, which is probably needed since Liz is attempting to gouge out her eye and seems to be unable to sit down with both cheeks on a chair. The artist demonstrates either (a) how not to draw a round table or (b) one of those neat tables with an uneven elliptical shape to it. Liz is now playing the homesick card, in a vain effort to get us to still like her even though she is about to kick away everything she said she has wanted for the last 3 years. Hey Liz! I don’t know if you realize this, but in about a month you get to go home for 2 ½ months. A few weeks of Elly’s cooking and nagging, and you will wish you were back in Mtigwaki. Besides, you are the woman who barely talks to your mother anyway, and you get all your information from your sister via e-mail. I am raising the BS flag on this whole homesick thing.

Panel 3: Vivian’s first outing at finishing one of Liz’s sentences fails as the correct answer to Panel 2 was “family” and not “city.” Vivian looks concerned she didn’t guess correctly, or she looks concerned that Liz looks like she may have damaged that eye from the gouging of Panel 2. In any case, she tries again with a much longer sentence that Liz should find highly insulting, if she really intended to make Mtigwaki her home.

Panel 4: In an unusual maneuver, even for this strip, Liz manages to sink her head into her shoulders so far that only her ears are preventing its complete submersion. I guess this is to illustrate the “which part wants to stay and leave” point. Vivian hangs with it and finishes Liz’s sentence with an illustration that basically repeats the same thing Liz just said. I would have to say, as far as finishing sentences go, Vivian is not very good. Don’t feel bad, Vivian. Liz is just plain hard to read. We’ve been trying for years, and we still don’t know why she does the things she does.