May 20th, 2006


Sunday, May 21

Panel 1: Bubbles around the title give us a lead-in to what is to come in the final panel. Eyeless April has her hair in ::gasp:: a French braid. Can this be a new hair style for April? Butterscotch the bunny appears to be less concerned about April’s hair and more concerned that she is being carried by an eyeless creature. I would be afraid too, Butterscotch.

Panel 2: April, I must say, matching socks and shirt is surprisingly colour-coordinated for you and I am impressed you found the rabbit hutch without any eyes. Butterscotch’s physique has legs a little too long and ears a little too short for my taste for a rabbit.

Panel 3: I guess this release of the dogs means that Butterscotch is in the hutch to protect her from the dogs. The dogs in this strip have the same ability as the cars in other strips. They hover. Dixie has been putting on a little weight over the winter. Both dogs' jaws hinge behind their eyes which I find a little disconcerting, but only because I may be used to dogs that don’t hover. I am not sure why Edgar has a collar and Dixie doesn’t. I suspect dog licencing laws are not gender-oriented in Canada. This is the last panel where you will see both dogs' eyes until Panel 8. Enjoy!!

Panel 4: Dixie is still in mid-hover. Edgar probably would be too, but he has decided to balance on one paw, and what a giant paw it is. It’s wider than his head. Edgar’s left ear is also wider than his head. Maybe he has sprouted a wing like Dumbo the elephant, which would explain the hovering.

Panel 5: I’m not sure of the perspective here. Is it a God’s-eye view where we see Dixie balancing on her head and Edgar on his back, or is it a front view where Edgar is balancing on his head and Dixie on her back? Whatever view it is, those dogs are tearing up the grass and Edgar’s ears are definitely supporting my Dumbo theory.

Panel 6: Wow! The dogs have really torn up the yard. Edgar has grown to be twice the height of Dixie now. Either that or he is using his backside to give his impersonation of Elly Patterson. I suppose this is what he would see most of the time when he looks at Elly. I hope the dark shape hanging down from the middle of his body is his head and not his doggie manhood. If it’s not his head, I must say you have it going on, Edgar.

Panel 7: Back to hovering or maybe the start of a small tornado. Dumbo. Definitely Dumbo.

Panel 8: They can talk? And they use a “?” and a “!”. That’s quite an emotional range.

Panel 9: If I understand this correctly, the lesson for the dogs to learn is “You party…you pay.” A good dog goes outside and does not get dirty? April must be really into dog cleanliness. The picture of the fully leg-extended Butterscotch on the side near the hutch tells me (a) Butterscotch can get out of the hutch at will and (b) Butterscotch has a particularly vindictive sense of humour and (c) Butterscotch also has a jaw that is hinged behind her eyes. Freaky!

Miss Cookie Misses You!

Hi, y'all! Isn't it great that you can get internet access in a hotel room nowadays? Anyway, just wanted to share this tidbit that was posted in the Yahoo! group. Someone met LJ at BookExpoAmerica. "I've read that it's ending in 2007. Do you have an idea of what the time frame is?"
Lynn: After the summer. I'm not precisely sure because the storyline has to write itself out... and I don't know when that will be. Maybe September... I'm not sure yet.

So we shall see. TTYL!